WordPress Internal Link Optimizer.

A WordPress SEO Plugin. Easily find strong anchor texts for internal links for new and existing post, page and CPT content on your WordPress site to improve your on-page SEO.

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Visit any page or post on your site and enter the anchor text that you want to find internal links opportunities for.

Click a result to open the page or post editing screen in a new tab and find the text or phrase in the content editor.

Add the link back to the target page and update the page or post.
Simple: job done.

How does Wilo work?

Wilo searches through your WordPress database to find posts and pages that contain the anchor text or phrase you are looking for.

It shows you a list of pages and posts that contain the search terms, showing you a list of potential internal linking opportunities that you may not have known about.

Is wilo automatic?

No. Wilo is a manual SEO tool that is designed to show you the internal link opportunities for your content.

It basically points you in the direction of new potential internal linking within your own site so you can then choose the best ones to link.

What’s the use case?

As you grow your website, it’s often impossible to remember or find older posts and pages that you can use to internally link to other content.

Let’s say you’ve just written an awesome 3000-word, human-focused post about a niche product or service you offer.

You need to find opportunities within your existing content to link internally to this new post to push up its’ internal page rank and get Google to index it.

There’s no way you are going to remember where all these opportunities are, so Wilo is designed to find them for you and make it easy to manually create internal links.

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