WILO Plugin Features & Benefits.

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We’ve designed WILO to be very easy to use, even for people who have no prior experience in SEO.

Here’s a breakdown of the features of the WILO plugin and how you can use them on your website to improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

Manual SEO is the best SEO.

WILO is a manual SEO tool, and there is a good reason. Whilst some SEO plugins use AI to ‘guess’  content to link to anchor texts, WILO lets you choose the best internal link options and anchor texts.

WILO checks the linking page text content.

The plugin will ignore architectural links on your site; it’s designed to find contextual links. If your site is built correctly, it will use the following semantic markup, which WILO understands, and ignores links from these elements:

  • <header>
  • <nav>
  • <aside>
  • <footer>

The plugin will not include internal links inside the markup above; it will use links in your <article> or <main> tags to ensure the content of your posts that the plugin inspects.

Our roadmap has plans to make these customisable in the plugin settings so you can add additional tags or classes to exclude from the WILO search.

See the anchor texts you are using.

When you inspect a page using WILO, you can see all of the anchor texts linking to the current page. This makes it quick and easy to update and tweak any anchor texts to create a balanced internal link anchor profile.

Use WILO with any language.

Although the plugin interface is in English, WILO works with WordPress sites in any language as you decide what text you will search for.

WILO will search the database for content you tell it to, so it supports all languages by default.

Download the WILO reports as a CSV file.

Sometimes SEOs use spreadsheets to collate SEO data from the websites they work on (we do). So WILO has a handy download CSV feature where you can download the internal linking info if you’re a fan of spreadsheets.

Quickly check for duplicate anchor texts linking to a page.

WILO lists all the anchor texts used on links for the current page you are checking. This makes it quick and easy to edit any offending duplicate anchors to improve your internal backlink profile.

Yes, internal link anchor texts are just as important as external ones.

Avoid too many internal links from a single page.

WILO will warn you if a linking page has too many links to the current page you are inspecting. You don’t want other content with several links back to the same page, so you can check these easily and adjust if needed.

Keep an eye on reciprocal internal links.

Whilst there’s nothing strictly wrong with internal reciprocal links, you don’t want everything linking to everything else, so WILO keeps an eye on these and lets you know if a current internal link is being reciprocated.