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Effortlessly discover internal linking opportunities and unlock the true potential of your website.

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What does the plugin do?

Find potential internal links for any content.

Visit a page on your site, type the anchor text you want to find internal link opportunities for, and WILO will show you a list of content that could internally backlink.

See potential links in context.

WILO finds potential links on other pages an shows you the phrase or term in the context of how it is used on the target page.

View the potential links on the page.

Click a button to view the potential page and see all the matching phrases highlighted. This means you can quickly scan to see if there is a good fit.

Remember: The best SEO is manually implemented. One of the main reasons that WILO is not automatic.

Watch for duplicate anchor texts.

WILO shows you the linking anchors from all the content across your site, so you can quickly find and change any internal links with the same anchor text. This is best-practice on-page SEO.

Get an overall page score.

If you do SEO for someone else, WILO provides a hand page score and a site report within the WordPress admin so you can show whoever is paying your bills the progress you are making on their site.

See what is already linking to your current content.

WILO makes it easy to see all the internal links to a page in one place, so you can build up a map of your content and how it is internally linked.

Identify content that is over or under linked.

Easily find pages on your site that are in desperate need of some internal links and others that have too many internal out links.

This helps you to keep an eye on link juice and manage the entire sites internal link profile.

Take on huge new sites with ease.

If you are looking into SEO on a large site for the first time, WILO makes it easy to link internally on a contextually correct basis and quickly sort the site’s internal link profile.

It removes the ‘where do I start with this’ barrier for SEOs working on new projects.

Integrate WILO with your other SEO tools.

WILO is not designed to replace or compete with Yoast, Rank Math or any other SEO plugin for WordPress. It’s simply an extra tool you can use in combination with the tools you already use.

We’ve purposefully not added extra features that other plugins give you already.

Use cases for WILO

The small website owner.

If you have a small website, you must ensure your internal linking is spot on. WILO is an affordable tool to keep up with your site’s SEO and maximise its potential in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Internal linking is not rocket science, but it can be hard to do yourself if you have no experience in SEO, and our internal link-finding tool will give you the confidence to know your DIY SEO is being done correctly.

The Marketing Team.

If you look after a larger site as part of a marketing team and they are producing new content on a regular basis, internal linking can become a right mess.

The WILO tool allows your team to work internal link building into their content creation SOP to ensure that it is done correctly at the time the content is published.

The SEO.

Welcome to the new tool you never knew you needed. WILO is an SEOs new best friend and can save you hours of time fixing a poor internal link profile or creating a new one.

When you don’t know a site overly well, finding contextually correct internal links can take an age.

Using WILO, you can partner it up with the tools you already use, such as Google Search Console to identify key pages and quickly improve their internal backlinks.

The WordPress agency.

WILO should be on your default install list if you run a WP agency. The plugin will work happily on a development URL, meaning internal link-building becomes part of your workflow. This means happier clients with sites going live with an already optimised internal link structure.

Our unlimited sites plan is for you.