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SEO can be complex, so we’ve designed this plugin to be easy to use and effective, even if you have no experience in SEO.

Install the plugin, visit a page you want to link to internally, and use Wilo to find other pages that don’t link but have potential linking content.

Here’s a real-world example of Wilo in action, the steps to use the plugin and how to get the best out of it:


This is a website landing page.

As this is an important page on the website in question, we need to make sure there are lots of internal backlinks to this page to boost its internal page rank and push it up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The site we are using as an example has 1000s of pages, so where do we start when it comes to trying to find good internal linking opportunities?

Using Wilo to check current backlinks.

The first thing to do when inspecting any content is to check what internal links the content already has.

Wilo shows us a list of all the content currently linking to our current URL and importantly the anchor text used for the links.


We can see from these results that the page already has a good range of backlinks using different anchor texts.

Pro Feature: Using Wilo to find potential backlinks.

This landing page is about image prompting and prompt engineering using AI image generators, so we start by considering what would be appropriate and meaningful anchor texts for links.

In this case: Prompt, Image prompting and Text-to-image generation.

wilo prompt bar

Wilo shows us what content is a good option for an internal backlink.

High potential pages have lots of text that match the search term; medium has a few, and low potential may only have one occurrence.


Wilo uses a word count to work out the potential of each possible internal backlink. It assumes that the two pages are potentially a good match if the term appears in the content a number of times.


The edit content link takes you straight to the editing page for the content that’s a potential backlink, so you can simply add the link and update the page.

The view content link opens a new tab and displays the potential target page with the matching text highlighted so it’s quick and easy to review the content for a backlink.

The admin bar


When looking at current links, the Wilo admin bar gives you a breakdown of internal backlinks to your current page.


Stuffed links

This reports on any page where there is an excessive number of links originating from one page to another.

Duplicate Anchors

Reports on any internal backlinks that have exactly the same anchor text (definitely something to avoid).

Internal links

This is simply the total number of pages (posts etc.) that currently link to the page you are looking at.

Points to note.

False positives.

As Wilo scours your entire database for potential links, there may be a few false positives when using generic search terms.

Archive Pages.

Wilo will return matches from archive pages. We have plans in the roadmap to show what type of content the optimiser is suggesting you link from, so non-useful pages can easily be ignored.

Custom Fields.

Wilo will also search ACFs on the page (premium version) and will return matches from ACFs, even if they are relationship or repeater fields. Again, we are working on this as ACF is genuinely awesome.

Get started.

The free version of Wilo is available for download in the WordPress repository.

Site used on this page:

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