WordPress Internal Link Optimiser (Wilo) is a WordPress plugin which allows you to easily find internal linking opportunities, and manage your current internal linking structure.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Install the Wilo plugin
  • Find internal linking opportunities
  • Reveal existing internal links
  • Find your sites internal linking score


  • PHP 5.6 or greater is recommended. It is good practice to update the PHP version before the end-of-life where that version is no longer supported even with security fixes.
  • WordPress 5.0 or greater is recommended. Versions before 5.0 are untested and may have compatibility issues.
  • In wp-config.php define( WP_DEBUG’, false );
  • The latest version of the plugin (both core and pro) are highly recommended.
  • Wilo will work with all themes out of the box but we highly recommend making sure that your theme is updated to the latest version.


  1. Login to your WordPress Install
  2. Navigate to the WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Search for “Wilo”
  4. Click ‘Install Now’ followed by ‘Activate.’
  5. After installation, you will find the Wilo icon on your site’s frontend.
  1. Login to your Wilo Account
  2. Locate your license key and Pro download
  3. Download the Wilo Pro Extension
  4. Login to your WordPress Install
  5. Under Plugins, click the “Add New” button followed by “Upload Plugin”
  6. Drag and drop the file downloaded in step 3 into the box.
Note: Wilo Pro Extension will not work without the core plugin installed

License Activation

In order to keep up to date with the latest version of Wilo Pro, you’ll need to insert your license key into the plugin.

You can find your license key here.

To insert your license key, you’ll need to enter it into the admin page of Wilo Pro. This page is hidden from the front end, but you can find it by navigating to the WP plugins menu. Scrolling down to locate “Wilo Pro Extension” and clicking on the “insert your license key here” text.