What is the difference between Wilo Free and Wilo Pro?

Why Choose Wilo Free or Wilo Pro

There’s not much difference between the free and paid versions of the Wilo plugin.

Many plugin developers leave out many important features in free plugins, but we’ve done the opposite.

The free version of the Wilo plugin provides all the tools you need to explore and identify any issues with your internal links.

The free version allows you to:

  1. Look at any front-end content on your site and see the number of internal backlinks, the anchor texts used, reciprocal links, duplicate anchors and link juice.
  2. View the page in the Admin section to get an overview of the same information but in a report-style layout that also shows external links and gives your page a ‘score’ based on internal linking best practices. From the admin page, you can also get Wilo to crawl your site to update all the data.

The Pro version allows you to:

  1. Search your entire site for potential internal links.

Use cases for the Free and Pro versions.

The free version of Wilo will help you understand your internal link structure. It will show you where there are errors and highlight problems you can fix.

The Pro version of Wilo will allow you to search your entire content for new backlink opportunities.

Let’s say you’ve just published a new blog; Wilo will quickly help you find and choose the best existing content on your site to add backlinks to.

Pro is for SEO Pros.

If you are an SEO freelancer or agency, the Pro version of Wilo lets you get to grips with internal linking on new sites for new clients.

When you first work on a new website for an SEO client, getting your head around the internal linking can be time-consuming, so WIlo gives you a site overview in the backend and the front-end tool to work through key landing pages and blogs to see exactly what’s going on.

Sure, other tools let you (sort of) do this, but Wilo is on the site and knows everything about the internal links.

Why not leave it to AI?

The mighty Yoast and Rank Math plugins have features where they ‘guess’ backlinks based on their algorithms, but if you automate your internal linking, it can become a mess, which is why we think it’s best left to a human to do internal linking.

So, should you go pro?

We think you should, but there’s more to it than that!

The Pro allows you to search for potential links across your site.

What does this mean?

It means you can easily find and link text in your existing content back to the page you are currently on to improve your internal backlink profile.

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