How WILO works in four steps.

How does WILO work?

WILO is an SEO helper plugin that doesn’t do the SEO for you; it helps you improve your on-page SEO manually.

The last thing you want is AI sorting your internal links.

A human should always do these, even more so since Google’s Helpful content update.

WILO is a friendly little tool that every SEO can use to improve the internal link structure of the sites they look after.

Here’s how.

How WILO works 1

1. Navigate to the page you want to find internal links to link to.

Just make sure you are logged into WordPress and visit the page on the front-end; you’ll see the WILO icon in the bottom left.

How WILO works 2

2. Click the WILO icon.

The pop-up will appear and show you any posts or pages that already link to the page you are currently on, together with their anchor texts.

In this case, nothing is linking internally to this page. Big sad.

How WILO works 3

3. Enter the potential link text you are looking to find.

This is the word or phrase that you are looking to find on other pages that you can then use to link back to this content potentially.

How WILO works 4

4. See the page and the potential internal link texts.

The page will open in a new window, and the words will be highlighted on the page for you (browser-dependent).

If both the page and potential anchor texts look good, edit the page and add the link.

That’s it!

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