Internal link resources and information

Internal link resources and information

There is a lot that’s been written about internal links on websites.

It’s generally agreed that you should most definitely have internal links.

It’s also agreed that you should have two types of internal links: structural and contextual.

Below we’ve listed an ever-growing list of links to information and opinion on internal links, what they are, how to use them and best practices.

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Internal linking for SEO: Why and how?

A great article from the fantastic Yoast team about internal linking, what it is and how to implement it correctly in your site.

Read the full article.

Internal Links.

This article, the mighty MOZ, go into more of the technical aspects of internal linking, why they are important and information about the structure and the difference between structural and contextual links.

Read the full article here.

Internal links by Backlinko.

SEO expert Brian Dean shares his vast knowledge about internal links in this long article over on his site. This article also shares information about how Google looks at your internal links.

Read the full article.

Internal Links for SEO: An Actionable Guide.

ahrefs’ blog article goes into a lot of detail about internal links. more about why they are important and how to implement them.

Full article here.

Internal Linking Guide: Actionable Tips, Strategies, and Tools.

Niel Patel also has a detailed article about internal links on his blog. Like some of the other sites, this includes an actionable guide.

Read the full article.

Internal Links: Ultimate Guide + Strategies.

One of our favourite tools, SEM Rush has a great blog post about, you guessed it, internal links.

Read more here.

Internal Linking is Super Critical For SEO.

Roger Montti has written another great article in the Search Engine Journal about internal linking. This article contains some interesting quotes from Google’s John Mueller.

Full article here.


Internal links are explained further in this Wiki.

Read the article.

The above articles are all great and well worth a read.

Best Practice Guide to Internal Links.

Read our own guide to internal links.

So how can Wlio help you with internal links?

Reading these articles, you’ll discover the difference between structural and contextual links.

Structural links are usually pretty easy to find as they are often your main navigation:

Homepage > Services > Individual service

Contextual links are harder to find, and this is where Wilo comes in.

If you have a large site, there will be many opportunities to link between posts and pages contextually. The tricky thing can be finding them!

Wilo does not do internal linking for you, as you don’t want this to be automated.

What it does is provide you with information about the following:

  1. What already links to a page
  2. The anchor texts that are already being used
  3. Opportunities to link from other pages that contain the anchor text you want to use to link internally but don’t currently link

This is what makes Wilo so handy!

Get Wilo Free today here, or download it on the WordPress repository.

Download Wilo

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